What is 20 Inches Weave Hair?

1. What is the 20-Inch Weave Hair? 

A weave hair is one of the most basic hair extension types popular among white woman. Unlike clip-in hair extensions, which can be removed daily, weaves are meant to last for several weeks.

A weave is not a wig. Rather than covering hair like a wig does, a weave is sewn directly into natural hair, accentuating and beautifying it. It is a bundle of extensions in which individual hair strands are attached to a reinforced stitch.

To make this type of hair extension, technicians sew or “weft” bulk hair together into a bundle. A weft can be thin and strong or thick and loose. Some wefts are hand-tied while others are machine-sewn.

Therefore, as what it is called, the 20-inch weave hair is a weave hair that has a length of 20-inch (it is about 50,8 centimeters). We always feel we didn’t have hair length and type the media industry wanted that can make us feel disappointed.

A hair weave is a great solution for that. The beauty of hair weave, and the reason why it is such a popular method, is how undetectable it is. One type of weave hair that is very popular nowadays is 20-inch weave hair.

20-inch weave hair is very popular because it will take you just a few hours and for some hair types a few minutes to alter your look completely.

At Teehair, we have the 20-inch straight weave, 20-inch curly weave, with various colors. You can choose whatever you want. All of our hair is made of 100% natural human hair ,Brazilian hair which has a very silky and beautiful texture.

We sell all the best types of hair. Whether you want the hair from Brazil, India, Cambodia, Malaysia, and all the other places you will find them in our shop.


2. Who can use 20-Inch Weave ? 

Are you stylish and sexy, gentle and patient yet beautiful and creative? The 20-inch hair is for you.

Do you suffer from alopecia or any other hair loss eventualities? You may need any form of weave but most women choose the 20inch weave.

Would you like to protect your hair? Sometimes you may want to protect your hair from the weather change. You can use the 20-inch weave to protect it. It keeps your hair from unprecedented occurrences.

If you like long hair but not very long or you are going to act on some unique movies that require the use of long hair, you may use such hair.

If you love the versatility that comes when you use such hair, then you will enjoy the hair. You can style the hair as high or low as you wish.

3.  20-Inch Weave Hairstyles

 - Straight hair

If you love bangs then I have this style for you. The bang has a medium thickness level which makes it easy to use by even those who have never used a bang. The other thing is that it doesn’t cover your eyes


- Curly hair

Even when you want to use the curly hair you may achieve a stylish look with the 20-inch weave. Here we have the hair held to a high bun then you let the other part of the hair flow with ease.

If you wish to use the curly weave to create volume as well as the length then you may use the 20-inch weave. If you want you could blend a few inches to make and create layers with the curls.

water curly hair extensions

- Wavy hair

A little bit of creativity goes a long way for your style. Here, the secret is just wearing the body wave hair to attain the perfect volume and length. You will further create a side parting to make the style even better.

Notice that body wave is amazing when it comes to creating the volume. That’s what the style here does to you. Go ahead to choose a color that matches your skin tone.

You no longer have to crave the bounce in the movies since you can make it using this style.


4.  The Purpose of the 20-Inch Hair

The only reason why you would buy the 20-inch hair is that you need a different style for your hair. There are some hairstyles that your natural hair may not make. But if you have this weave you will achieve the style. The reason is that the hair has the perfect length and volume.

When you want another color but you don’t want to change your hair color, you may use this weave. Instead of having to color your hair which will always cause you the hair damage, you can use the weaves instead.

Do you ever yearn for the length but your hair just won’t grow longer? This hair will make your dream true if you have the perfect stylish. There are hairstyles that make it look as though this is your natural hair.

Are you having one of those bad hair days? The hair will help you cover natural hair. Some people have different forms off hair loss and when you wear the hair weave no one can tell.

5.  some benefits of having the 20-inch weave hair.

1. It offers a different style


Assuming, for example, you have long hair, using the 20-inch weave or wig will change your style. Besides, you may use the hair to try out different hair textures as well as length. Do you have the type 4 hair that shrinks and therefore, the hair remains shorter? Use the 20-inch straight hair for a different style.

Indeed, when we go for the 20-inch weave hair, we will definitely has more options to change our hairstyles that we want than a longer weave hair. It is because it will easily fit your style and many of your occcasions such as: do some dynamic activities or be at a more luxurious situation.


2. It looks natural


Whenever you search for the 20-inch weave, we know that you are searching for the most natural-looking hair you can ever have. Well, many women have natural 20'' hair. Not many people will, therefore, tell that you are wearing a weave.

Depending on what you are buying the weave for, a 20-inch weave is more natural-looking, especially if you naturally have short to medium length hair. With such a length, you will have most people believing it’s your natural hair.

All those questions of whether the hair is your natural hair won’t occur if you use the same hair texture as yours. People will go on believing it’s your natural hair. The best hair to use is 20 inches Brazilian


3. It’s easy to maintain


We are talking about just 20 inches weave. The time it takes you to wash it, for example, and the time it takes to wash the 28 inch one is quite different. It takes a shorter time to clean it and style it even combing it to place. Depending on the texture you choose, you won’t need to spend a lot of time in hair care.


If you happen to be someone who wants to change length, styles of your hair appearance, 20 inches weave is right for you. Whichever best fits your hair circumstances you can feel comfortable knowing you have so many options to choose.

So shop around and make your request. Your new 20 inches sew-in weave hair is waiting for you.


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